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IAESTE is an international student organization that specialized internships for students of technical and scientific field of study. Founded as the "International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience" after the Second World War in London, originally with 10 member countries, now we are represented in over 80 countries around the world each year and provide over 5,000 internships.

Running by students and voluntary

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In Austria, IAESTE is organized by students, all positions on the board and the majority of activities are carried out by our members voluntarily in addition to the study. In this way we have the opportunity to gain experience in areas such as project management and team work, even before we get out of the auditorium into the big wide world!

Structure of IAESTE Austria

The IAESTE Austria is divided into National Committee (NC) and Local Committee (LC). The National Committee of IAESTE represents at international level and coordinates the local committees at the national level. The Local committee is represented at every technical university. In addition to the support of the companies and trainees, the Local Committee also organize company Fair and company Shuttle.



IAESTE internships

IAESTE is represented in over 80 countries worldwide and provides 5,000 internships annually. Apply now and take the opportunity for an internship during your studies (or after) to gain work experience, to know a foreign culture while still practicing your language skills. More information can be found under "exchange program".

IAESTE Company Fair & CompanyShuttle

The IAESTE company fair is organized at the Technical University of Vienna, Technical University of Graz, Montanuniverity of Leoben and the Johannes Kepler University Linz. It offers participants the perfect opportunity to come into direct contact with Austria's top employers. For more than 20 years the company fair is organized by IAESTE members, volunteers - from students for students!

IAESTE FirmenShuttleIAESTE in 2009 launched an innovative project to life, with the aim of giving young engineers intense insight into the reality of companies to provide. Within two weeks the students from all technical universities of Austria have the opportunity to visit more than 30 companies for free. Each of the participating companies from technology, industry and research participants provides a versatile program, where you can get an idea about the workplace, future colleagues, projects and challenges. 

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Join the world of IAESTE!

IAESTE offers you the chance to engage you in addition to your studies and gain valuable experience. This collaboration is with people from different countries as well as intense business contacts. International character, teamwork and taking responsibility make IAESTE a great experience.

Mitglieder von IAESTE Oesterreich