Congratulations on being accepted for an IAESTE placement in Austria!

IAESTE Austria offers a wide range of activities to you. Every weekend during the summer specially organized events will take place in and around Austria). In addition to that every local committee organizes weekly meetings (cinema, soccer, inline-skating, ...). We will also help you get in touch with other trainees so that you can organize your own trips together.


It depends on your offer which Local Committee is responsible for you. Check your offer id (Reference Number). The letters in the end in the id describes the local committee. E.g. AT2011-6022-VI is an offer from IAESTE Vienna.

Local Commitee Ref-No. Contact
Vienna AT-xxxx-xxxx-VI
Boku AT-xxxx-xxxx-BO
Graz AT-xxxx-xxxx-GR
Linz AT-xxxx-xxxx-LZ
Leoben AT-xxxx-xxxx-LE
Innsbruck AT-xxxx-xxxx-IBK

Trainee Guide

Download File: IAESTE Graz Brochure (PDF Format)