IAESTE International

IAESTE a.s.b.l. (IAESTE Association sans but lucratif) is the official name of IAESTE internationaly. The organisation is registerd in Luxembourg and is an association of member countries, made up of partner agencies representing academic, industrial and student interests. These agencies include NGOs, universities, government bodies, and student volunteer groups.

Annual Conference (AC): Each year IAESTEs Annual Conference is held in January. This meeting brings together representatives from each member countries to determine matters of general policy and carry out most of the exchanges of trainee jobs. The exchange still happens throughout the year through IAESTE Intraweb.

General Conference (GC): IAESTE highest organ, GC, collected each year in January. This conference approve accounts and budgets, and any statuttendringer adopted. It also elected the next Secretary General and the Board.

General Secretary (GS): Acts as a general administrator of IAESTE. The General Secretary is responsible for accounting, printing of annual reports and bulletins, information flow in the association and shall also be a driving force to include more member countries. The GS can be re-elected twice, which means that you can sit a maximum of six consecutive years.

The Board: The Board consists of five persons. The General Secretary has a permanent seat, while the four other members are directly elected by the General Conference. The Board is an advisory body above the General Secretary and other duties is to manage the cooperation with new Member States, to follow up decisions made by GC, GS, and help with unforeseen issues.

Global Support Team (GST) is a team of 6 people, working on international level with the target of implementing the Action Plan in order to develop the organisation. The positions in the GST are: Alumni Relations Manager, Country Development Manager, Exchange&IT Manager, Fundraising Manager, Key Account Manager & Project Coordinator 

Seminar of IAESTE Development (SID): SID is an annual seminar/meeting without any formal authority where the member states, associate members and affiliated institutions can be represented. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss improvements, initiate international projects and generally spread good ideas among the staff and volunteers in IAESTE across national borders.

Intraweb Development Team (IDT) is the international IT team of IAESTE, which is developing and administrating the international IT tools of the association. 

IAESTE Alumni Network is an international network for everyone who in one way or another have been involved in IAESTE, either as a member, employee, trainee or employer. Here you can easily maintain and restore contact with all you IAESTE friends, share photos, videos and your experience with other alumni. Haven’t you sign up yet? Join IAESTE Alumni Network today!