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Austrian National Railway (ÖBB) Time tables, prices, general information...
Austrian Bus Agency Time tables, prices, general information...
Austrian Youth Hostel Association Index of all Austrian youth hostels
The International Student Travel Confederation Student travel services, discounts, information and inspiration for young independent travellers
Eurolines International Busses
Student Agency Busses to/from Czech Republic
Orangeways  Busses to/from Hungary
Buchbinder Rent-A-Car Popular car rental company in Austria


VORTEILScard <26 for 19,90 Euro is a discount card which would give you a discount of 45%-50% of all trips (50% if you buy yourself on the machine or in the internet) and 45% when you are going to the ticket counter. If you are owner of this card, you can buy the "summerticket" for 69 Euro which is an all-inclusive-ticket for all trains within the borders of Austria. You must be under 26 years then you can buy this ticket for 69 Euro. When are you plus 26 years, it costs you 100 Euro. Just go to a ticket counter and bring a passport photo and valid id with you. To fill out the form and to queue takes some time, so do not buy the ticket right before your journey. http://www.oebb.at/en/Customer_cards/VORTEILScard/VORTEILScard_26/index.jsp

Summerticket: To get the Summerticket you need the "VORTEILScard <26". The Summerticket costs 69 Euro and with this ticket you can travel from 30. June to 09. September 2012 for free within the border of Austria. The ticket is valid from Monday - Friday from 8 - 24 o'clock, on whole Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. So during the week you are not allowed to enter the train before 8 in the morning with this ticket. Just go to a ticket counter or to a ticket machine and bring your VORTEILSCard with you. So if you want to go e.g. from Vienna to Bratislava and you have a Summerticket, you have to pay only from the border of Austria to Bratislava. Just ask the guy at the ticket counter. http://www.oebb.at/en/Tickets/Leisure_and_holiday/OeBB_Sommerticket/inde...

SparSchiene: With SparSchiene ticket you can travel to many European cities already starting from 19 Euro. http://www.oebb.at/en/Tickets/SparSchiene/index.jsp

Westbahn: Going from Vienna in western direction (e.g. Linz, Salzburg), there is now a private rail company that competes with the Austrian National Railway. The prices are sometimes cheapter, depending on your age and your discount cards. https://westbahn.at/


If you want to take a plane, check out some metasearcher

But you should also check the websites of the airlines directly

German language resources

German for beginners Free online German course for beginners
LEO English-German dictionary


National Calls

Some cheap options for national calls:

http://www.bob.at - cost: 15 Euro inclunding 100 free minutes. (you have to buy a EUR 10 coupon within the first 4 weeks, otherwise your account will get deactivated). The prepaid card option costs you 6,8 Euro Cents per Minute. The contract version is 4 Euro Cents per minute. You can buy bob at post.at, saturn, mediamarkt, niedermeyer, schlecker, hartlauer, libro, interspar. A data plan is also available for 4 Euro / GB.

http://www.yesss.at - it is similar to bob, 9 Euro including 90 free minites with the same costs per minute but yesss is offering also an international package with good rates to over 50 countries worldwide. You can get yesss at the supermarket Hofer (visit hofer.at).

Other providers: http://www.a1.net, http://www.t-mobile.at, http://www.drei.at, http://www.orange.at

International Calls

"eety" is a special sim card for international phone calls. you can buy it e.g. at hartlauer, libro, post.at, niedermeyer, petrol stations, billa. http://www.eety.at/

For cheap international calls with your Austrian mobile e.g. http://www.voipbuster.com may be an option. It offers VOIP calls with your mobile starting from 8ct/min (incl. dial-in). For more information please visit the operators's home page.

From your computer use e.g. http://www.skype.com, just search for "skype out" 


In gerneral, you can access internet by WLAN in your dormitory for free or for a small fee (EUR 20 / month). In addition mobile phone operators (see above) offer mobile internet in mobile data plans or prepaid at very reasonable rates (starting at EUR 10 for 10 GB per month). Currently drei.at has a special offer called "iniative 100%": free mobile internet limited with 20 MB / day. Good enough for checking mails; the SIM cards are available at eg Libro or Niedermeyer. Austrian bank account required. Additional data volume is available for EUR 4 / GB.


The listed services are just a few companies and products that we have heard of. This list is by far not a complete list of service providers in Austria. We haven't tested all of these services, we cannot guarantee that they are cheap, good or even available. IAESTE Austria is in no way affiliated with the companies providing these services.